Shipping From China to Amazon FBA

Shipping From China to Amazon FBA

With many years of experience in shipping from China to Amazon FBA UK, we are the “go to” freight forwarder if you need to ship goods from China to Amazon UK. We are able to save you time and money, by handling the whole shipping process from anywhere in China to any UK Amazon FBA warehouse, including arranging onward delivery to a European Amazon FBA location.

Our team of freight forwarding professionals, are very experienced in handling Amazon FBA carton deliveries and pallet deliveries, as well as arranging full container load shipping from China to Amazon FBA. As well as handling the import shipping from China, we will take care of the collection of the goods from your supplier’s warehouse/factory, or if the terms of shipment are Free On Board (FOB), then our agent in China, will provide your supplier with details of the local warehouse that the goods are to be delivered to in China.

Upon the goods being shipped from China and arriving at the UK airport or seaport, FPF Global will take care of the customs clearance process and ensure that the correct payment of import Duty and/or import VAT is paid to HM Revenue & Customs. This will then ensure your goods are customs cleared and released, for onward delivery to the nominated Amazon FBA warehouse. As a value added service, FPF Global are also able to transfer your goods to our sister company warehouse and arrange inspection, SKU labelling and FBA labelling, if needed. This is a service that FPF Global can offer you in partnership with our sister company FPF Warehousing Limited in Hampshire.

It is our aim to make the process of shipping from China to Amazon FBA as seamless and hassle free as possible, leaving you time to focus on marketing, promoting and developing new stock to sell via Amazon.

Why choose FPF Global for shipping from China to Amazon FBA?

We have many years experience in handling Amazon FBA shipments, with our company being involved in daily shipments to all Amazon FBA UK warehouses, as well as arranging carton and pallet deliveries to Amazon FBA warehouse in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland. Our one stop solution enables any Amazon Seller to utilise FPF Global as their shipping partner for Amazon FBA shipments.

  • We will arrange collection of your goods from anywhere in China
  • Daily air freight departures and Weekly sea freight sailings
  • We can handle cartons, pallets or full container loads
  • We can arrange FBA labelling, SKU labelling and inspection services where required
  • We can consolidate orders from multiple suppliers in China, then split them into various deliveries to individual Amazon FBA warehouses
  • UK customs clearance of the goods arranged by FPF Global Limited, with free advice and guidance on classifying your goods and payment of import Duty/VAT

To learn more about how FPF Global can assist you with shipping from China to Amazon FBA, please contact us on 01256 861474 or get in touch via our website.